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For some people, White Pine Title Loans may appear to simply be in business to extend loans on customer's’ vehicle titles. However, our mission is more than that because our business is to help people get through a tight cash flow problem.

Your credit is good with us – whether bankruptcy, no credit or bad credit – because your clean car title is your credit. Our goal is to help our customers get the cash they need when they need it.

That is why we are conveniently located in Idaho Falls. The last concern you should have is worrying about how you can get the money you need. We are your best option to take care of a tight financial situation.


Since car title loans in Idaho Falls, ID are based on the equity that is in your vehicle, you must be the owner. However, that does not mean that you will not automatically qualify even if you still owe a certain amount on the car.

With enough equity to cover the value of your title loan Idaho Falls, you may still qualify even when the title is under another lending company.

Our title loans Idaho Falls are a secure and safe way to obtain additional money and use it for anything that you choose. We have loan officers available who will help you through the entire process.

They are available to answer all of your questions to ensure you fully understand what to expect. Our loan officers will even help you set up a repayment schedule that caters to your personal circumstances. From the initial loan all the way through to paying it back in full, we will help to relieve the stress of not having enough money for you and your family. We proudly offer car title loans in the community.

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When you need money, White Pine Title Loans will make sure you receive it quickly. Unlike traditional loans, title loans Idaho Falls are an easy and fast way to get cash. To get started, you simply fill out our online form that asks a few basic questions. Soon after completing the form, you will be contacted by one of our representatives to talk through the loan process and gather additional information as needed.

When you visit our convenient location, bring:

• Vehicle

• Title

• Proof of income

• Driver’s license

Vehicle inspection and geting loan

After a complete inspection of your vehicle, you are well on your way to leaving with the amount of money you need. We approve your application and you can drive away with your vehicle and the loan.

We hold the title, but you can drive your car

Although we hold the title until the loan is repaid, you can still drive your car to work, to run errands and anything else that is part of your daily schedule.

This simple and convenient process is the reason White Pine Title Loans is the right source for all of your cash needs. Get started now with our online form and let us help you through this stressful time with a stress-free process!

Applying for an Auto Title Loan Idaho Falls

White Pine Title Loans understands that during tough financial times, there are moments when an unexpected expense can make things more difficult. Perhaps your family had a medical emergency or your house has a leaky roof. Maybe you have a few bills that were shuffled to the bottom stack and are now delinquent.

Whatever the concern, you need the money now. Jumping through red tape and waiting days or weeks that traditional financial institutions take before approving your loan will not work.What does work is for you to complete an application with our title loans Idaho Falls service. Our fast and simple process puts cash in your hands so you can take care of your expenses.

To apply, you will need the following information about your vehicle:

  • Make and model
  • Year
  • Mileage

This information is gathered to determine the current worth of your vehicle. The amount of your loan offer is based on these details. We will also need your contact information before providing a free quote on the amount of money that you can borrow. Your loan can be approved immediately!

Your car title is used as collateral as you make installment payments on the loan.